Instant Transactions on Bitcoin Cash | 0-Conf & RBF Simply Explained

0-Conf Intant transactions simply explained on Bitcoin Cash. Want To Purchase Bitcoin? Secure Your Coins In a Hardwallet Ledger Nano –


  1. This is no longer a issue bud. That ended in like January…. I've not had to wait an hour since January. BTC confirms at a faster rate than BCH. At least as of yesterday.

  2. you are one of the few crypto channels that actually explains something with clean reasoning and that does not just reiterate mainstream opinions. Thanks a lot!

  3. BCH, LTC, DGB and XRP are all much better micro transaction cryptocurrencies. XRP has now entered the fiat gateway and payment processing market. A majority of these transactions are done in Korea and Japan. BTC is not a viable option for most to pay with. I thought the fork was supposed to be BCH is for payments and BTC is for investing. Guess not…because we have the lightning network which is working but not ready for mass adoption per its head Dev.

  4. Why should buying real estate with 0-conf be even remotely insecure? You literally have a contract for ensuring that.
    0-conf is always secure in real life: If the amount is low, a double spend is ridiculously expensive, if the amount is high, a contract will be drawn up anyway, making a double spend a breach of contract.

  5. I must have missed something because how Zeroconf works was not covered. So, are you saying Zeroconf works as long as RBF is not present? I'm familiar with Dash's InstantSend so I was hoping how Zeroconf actually works was going to be explained.

  6. cryptocurrencies in an unregulated enviroment, the easiest way to identify gamblers and idiots … it is a pyramid scheme or game like Musical chairs with all those still having the currency when the music ends / bubble bursts ending up loser, while the winners always will be in the minority and after the dust settles a lot of value is simple burned in transaction cost.
    The big players like bitcoin just will take longer to collaps then the small once which already began.

    Its like the tulip mania of the dutch in the 17th century, as soon as a larger number of people want to trade that currency into other values it will collaps, and since there is no regulation or state backing noone will limit/cover the losses or jump in during the recoveryphase (as we have with common currencies). Several services stopping bitcoin acceptance at times of slightest uncertainty is just one of many signs what a scam this is.

    cryptocurrency is for now just a speculation / gambling tool, nothing i would consider a currency … not saying it couldnt be and that the blockchain is useless (far from it), but cryptocurrency becoming a reliable currency is only possible with regulation and rooting it to other values.

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