Index 2018 meetup: The basics of blockchain and how to get started

Jack Chinkonsung (a health care expert and experienced with IBM Watson Healthcare) and Rick LaRose (with the IBM Blockchain Design Team) co-host this …


  1. Why do you need nodes in a permissioned network? If you own all the computing power what are you distributing against? Is it a measure of security through redundancy?

  2. Greetings from Venezuela! I'm loving all things Hyperdledger and I'm just parched for knowledge of blockchain. Thank you for your work! I'm organizing a group at the Universidad Simón Bolívar mainly for Computer Engineering students (such as myself) to study blockchain, Hyperledger and make great use of Composer. There is so much to learn but so little information (relatively).
    Any help would be highly appreciated. My email is

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