Imperial Academics Bullish on Crypto usage in Global Economy – Binance $1 Billion Profit in 2018

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  1. The biggest problem with BTC is manipulation by whales and nearing 51% of mining being controlled by China. No big institution/smart money would buy into that. I hold some BTC but am 95% into XRP.

  2. Great video Tony. The only question which I am asking is that how this will affect, change the crypto market. I mean currently we have around 1600 tokens and personally I don't see that cryptomarket will have such wide range in the future. I see it like that max 10% of todays tokens will survive and it will be decided based on real usage. What do you think ?

  3. I’m not bullish on xrp for a while now . I sold it all and making back my ripples losses with dgb. Thank God I sold. Was such a relief after I unloaded and gained $ 1k in 24 hrs

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