ICON ICO Review – Decentralized Blockchain Networks

In this video, I review ICON’s upcoming ICO. I am very buillish on their ICO and think Korea is poised to make a splash with it’s own blockchain platform after how …


  1. How did this fool get over 100k icx? I thought the limit was 1 or 2 etherium in round one and it never made it to round 2…. Am I wrong? Please accept my sincerest apology for calling you a fool. I feel so ashamed and I should be punished. Please lord forgive me.

  2. i was gong to heavily invest in this untill i got 99% of my crypto stolen arfter a few moments of disspare and crying i luckerly descoverd i had some left and put my last change in this ico, its all or nothing..hopefully it pays off and it yields enough return to start my climb back to the top..

  3. Me to Mark Knevel. Does anyone know if you can get in on the ICO if you are from USA? From what I'm seeing, we may not be able to participate. Which would stinks, cause I think it's going to be a great ICO to be a part of…

  4. This one is hidden in the shadows at the moment, but they have an amazing team and are actually trying to make their platform relevant to industries in Korea and this is their main focus with huge amounts of resources directed at this. I'm bullish on this one. (Not financial advice)

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