ICO scams 2018 explained – and how to avoid them

Whenever there’s an opportunity to make money there will be people trying to scam you. ICOs are a very popular topic right now and many try to participate, …


  1. Some bounty programs have publicly posted email addresses leading to phishing attempts. Create special email addresses or aliases for your bounty programs to help avoid this.

  2. Shehar Yar Blocksims was hired by an ICO, Mobilink-Coin to develop a website, database and back office for their company. Earlier this month Shehar Yar Blocksims was fired after the client realized the website the client had paid for was actually a clone from another website UTrust. The developer did not, in fact, create a custom website per the original scope of work and contract. And in fact, Shehar Yar Blocksims left much of the identifying code from the original website within the cloned website.

  3. Thanks for sharing video, apart from this ICO's secure purchase, we should secure our ETHER WALLET. Nice to have two factor authentication for Ether wallet or password to confirm when we transfer from ether wallet.

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