Ice Rock Mining Review (SCAM?)

Ice Rock Mining Review (SCAM?) – Hello everyone, in todays video I am going to be reviewing and giving my opinion of Ice Rock Mining. This is an ice Rock Mining review video and I am reviewing…


  1. This is NOT cloud mining. They are buying asic miners and have their own facility in a mountain. Hints the name. It's cold year round and low electricity costs. They also reinvest 20% profits into more mining machines to stay current. The only thing u have to worry about is something happening to the actual mountain, ie: earthquake etc. And the price of Bitcoin.

  2. Hey the Calculator is rwally good, according to the calculation l will be rich. Why should anyone worry about their grammar, do you really have to be grammatically correct when they will make you rich ! Besides it's there first time conducting business so give the lads a chance. All they need is english perfect person, and that a big challenge in Kazakhstan.

  3. Ice rock mining is not a scam..! I have to laugh at you guys making these podcasts. You dont know anything about what they are doing. The IRM calculator is based on a 14000 BTC and states it may vary, so what? If you want something g close to 100% safe, get a savings account for 1% return in Bank of America, FDIC..ha. IRM, owns their facility , no rent, 3 cent electric for next 4 years. They will also reinvest 20% of their profits and share with the investors. So, I feel its a great opportunity .! Everything is a rick, but down sit back here with your $500 dollars bashing a company you dont even know.( I am an investor in IRM but this is not investment advice, do at your own risk.)

  4. I couldn't find any information on their team. Also the returns they are promising on mining is not possible even for the most efficient and technologically advanced operations. When it comes to ICO's If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

  5. I wonder if you have read their whitepaper in the first place? It seems to me that you are just another lazy guy who didn’t do enough research claiming it’s a scam. IRM is not even a cloud mining business. The token represents a share of the mining company. The calculator on their website is only an optimistic version of expected return. They did NOT guarantee the ROI.

  6. Please research properly so you can understand what the ICO is for etc. I did maybe 30 mins of research and watched there YouTube videos and understood everything inside out.

  7. This, I can definitely appreciate. Good video! I'm an investor in Ice Rock Mining, and I do believe in their project. The fact that you admit that you are not 100% sure about things only makes sense to me. If you're interested, though, I suggest you keep doing some more research. I mean I have nothing to gain even if you do or not, so I'm only asking you to do this because I really liked the way you approach things and I'd like to hear what you have to say about the project with some more information. Subscribed! Thanks!

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