Ian Balina Calls Out Funds and “Dumb Smart Money” ICOs [Interview]

Check out my interview on Russian radio discussing Token Metrics, funds flipping ICOs, how to find great ICOs before anyone else, and the launch of 100X …


  1. In February the owners of storiqa raised $25,000,000. Now (7 months) they are trying raise another $25,000,000 for their other company BoomStarter. Someone should investigate these people.

    Bitconnect 2.0?

  2. Poor Ian! Talking about how the "whales" soaking up the market cap in private sales only giving him an opportunity to invest a few million. He is part of the very problem he's talking about for decentralization. He secures a massive allocation in private sale then sells it to his 100+k herd of sheep on youtube🐑🐑🐑🐑 hahaha. Genius!

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  4. Good stuff, Ian is the man BUT, guys, if you want to make your business more visual: first Ian, you may want to lose a little weight, and second: get some good outfits, the ones you have – and your crew – are really average and not great at all on Youtube

  5. Ian, Any idea to do a review or interview about Spotcoin ICO?
    Spotcoin will issue weekly dividends in GAS for token holders. So I am really excited about this ICO. I would like to see a review or an interview with Spotcoin team member from you.

  6. Hey Ian, what is this Russian project you propose the interviewer to get in? Anyway, I no longer have money to invest. One thing I keep asking myself is how to make money on a small budget on the exchanges? Unlike 2017, now practically all the icos go private so, the strategy of buying the first to get Xxs once the coin is listed is no longer for me. The second strategy of buying the dips is risky. When is the dip in this bear market? and is the coin going to recover?I have no control. All my money is already invested in a few projects and all I can do is wait or sell before losing everything, that's terrible! What would you suggest? Thanks Christine from France

  7. Credits is one of these potential projects! And yes Russia is one of these countries where you find enormous talents, Big Brains nearly around every corner. just speaking from experience, as i am being in the aerospace industry for many years…

  8. i liked balina somedays, but now i matured in crypto an now i see he and his 100x investment is a big joke.
    They made a good amount of money and i sincerly congratulate him and his team, but now i get a little discussted when I see him talking about how he is going to bring the next 100x Project, anyway u still can follow his calls and make a decent amount of money for sure, or try to do your own reasearch and find your project YOU belive in, that will mostly bring you the gainz you seek. (Remember Balina as a early investor is getting huge bonuses, which he is dumping after exchange release most time)

  9. Flipping ICO's was profitable but not anymore unless u can get into Exclusive Lottery ICO's. You only have 1 minute to dump when it hits idex. 1 minute pump – 3-4 day long dump. The risk factor is too high better off shorting BTC with high leverage.
    My 5x up to 10x comes from technical trading with leverage. Since it requires skill, you're far better off long-term. Hodling in bearmarkets that can last for months or years is financial suicide.

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