DISCLAIMER: I HAVE SPOKEN TO AMAZON and can clarify that no crime was committed. It was confirmed to me that if used in practice what we did would in fact be shoplifting. SUPPORT JOURNALISM….


  1. Right Tim, so you think all this is "really cool" and you'd like to see more of it? This is what field testing the next level of the global big brother nightmare looks like. Voluntary compliance benefits no one but those who wish to enslave, control and monitor you 24/7/360 under the guise of "cool" and "convenient" tech gimmicks. Seriously, just say no while you still can because once cash is gone and personal interaction is abolished (due to lack of demand of course) we're all f*cked and our children will be slaves forever

  2. As someone who has worked in a grocery store in the past, I'm pretty sure they're betting o making more money in easy sales, than they lose to shoplifting. A certain amount of stolen/damage products in a store is just part of the cost of having a physical store, and that's factored in to the cost of items: they make enough profit on their items to cover the cost. Considering that they don't have to pay any cashiers/baggers/etc, they'll probably do alright: most people, in general, don't like to break the law after all.

  3. My guess would be he's done it by taking an item from far behind in the shelf while having his bag very close so the camera doesn't see it that he put it in his bag.

  4. I can see a very Dark hidden agenda here they know who you are because you need to identify yourself with your QR code just to get in, so they got you, their tech monoters everything you take, and if you walk out without payng than they can open a clandestine criminal history on you and use that information at a later date to blackmale you should you do something they do not like…
    not saying they ARE, doing this at his time, but with the previalnce of things like google home Siri and all the other domestic spying devices invading our personal space and recording everything you say, it is not inconseveable that they could compile a history of your "illegal activity" just by recording you cassually talking about it with your friends.

  5. After working in a supermarket I can tell you that shrink is a big problem, but the cost of wages is a bigger one. As it currently stands even if you gave out the exploit the total cost will be less than most supermarkets. If wages are around 60% of overhead for most stores (standard rule of thumb for many businesses) then even if shrink rises to 50% of cost, from about 12-15% (info from Loss Prevention), they're still more profitable than regular brick and mortar stores.

    And this is a new system, LPOs will make it better. What this is is initial cost of research.

  6. Back in the 1950's in Germany there were unmanned roadside stores along major highways. You just took what you wanted and put money in a slot. It was 100% an honor system and it worked perfectly… until the mid-1960's. It was at that point that these stores started taking larger and larger losses, and by the late 1960's they were all gone (converted to manned operations). In a country with a strong culture of honesty the honor system works without any need for any fancy technology at all.

  7. No edits my ass, there’s 2 times you clearly had a pause in the video and cuts to you at a later time, clickbaiter… can’t even explain how you stole it cuz you didn’t steal anything to begin with

  8. I had an argument with my dad on if it would be possible/easy to steal from this type of store or well to be more accurate the argument was if this type of store would be feasible. I thought people would rob it blind and my dad though the technology would somehow to be able to stop them from doing it. it got kind of heated with me saying it would probably be pretty easy and my dad is (uh whats the word i am looking for?) neither one of us is the type to steal but its like he gets offended even at the idea of someone else doing it and it being easy for them while I am more jaded and just kind of accept it as the way it is.

    at any rate all I meant to say is I look forward to showing him this video so I can say told you so.

  9. Most stores do not care about it(in small amounts). The price you pay for food is already covering for it. Dealing with the court system in anyway cost money, the time the store manger has to spend there just for bad checks can get downright silly.

  10. ok, so i know what he did

    he picked up the tic tacs, walked over to a bag and put in in there….
    oh yeah, the bag was one a friend left for him with all those items.

    the friend got scanned for those item, but since he left with mo bag, no charge. this guy walked out with a bag full of stuff but charged for only the item he picked up


  11. I hate Seattle.
    I lived there for a few years. It is over ran with heroin junkies, the cops are lazy and people are FUCkTARDS.
    lack of sun? maybe.
    BTW Never Pay A Dime to that store.

  12. I hate Seattle.
    I lived there for a few years. It is over ran with heroin junkies, the cops are lazy and people are FUCkTARDS.
    lack of sun? maybe.
    BTW Never Pay A Dime to that store.

  13. I have a problem with Amazon saying "Don't worry about any items that weren't tracked and paid for." Only because I see it as a policy that could be potentially abused. For example, I foresee Amazon potentially pursuing criminal charges against someone who made an honest mistake, or even if it was the fault of their systems, for political reasons. You can bet your ass they're tracking everyone who failed to pay for items, whether it's intentional or unintentional. Unless they implement a specific policy stating no criminal charges will be pursued in any case of failure to pay, but instead, depending on the circumstances, the customer will no longer be allowed to use their services, I wouldn't trust them.

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