I Invested $750 Into Bitcoin At Age 17 | Here’s What Happened!

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  1. Just HODL! (HOLD). Bitcoin will go up and sell all or half of your investment. Just stay in the game. Another thing you could do to increase your Cryptos is through GPU Mining using nicehash or other Pools. ROI at this time is 1 + years but after that it's pure profits. Also keep learning about Blockchain tech and how it will change the world. Good luck… or luck as being ready when an opportunity arises.

  2. when you signed up for coinbase, did they ask you for 4 digits of social security and other personal information that would require your parents info because we are minors? my friend that’s also under 18 had to only check off a box and never had to put in any of that info that’s why i ask!

  3. Personally I think bit coin it's a scam, there's just me, not sure we're the value is coming from, I'm re-saler and singing has to have value in order to be worth something, so in other words, Bitcoin is trying to create that value

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