I Hope For A Bitcoin CRASH! (Here’s Why You Should Too)

Bitcoin is poised to test key support at $6000 in the coming days. In this video I’ll explain why you should be hopeful for a Bitcoin crash! If you enjoyed the video, …


  1. thanks for the perspective, I completely agree and looking for some positions at more of a discount. None of the guys I've been listening to have predicted this jump past $6500. What are your thoughts now that we've broken that resistance?

  2. I will not buy Bitcoin at 6000 when I can buy it at 2500.
    Following this simple rule I will have more than twice bitcoins than the people who follows the recommendation of this nonsense video.

  3. best to sell whilst you can and wait on the sidelines untill bitcoin actually bottoms out and goes into a bull trend. As more people sell, the price will plummet further and faster. Lets get this crash over and done with, so we can get back in at a cheap price.

  4. When it comes to price, I'm surprised you are taking a linear perspective and not exponential. I have found myself preferring exponential even though it isn't the default for most sites. It seems to me that trends are more likely to be meaningful in exponential, but that's just my opinion. 🙂 🦊

  5. I'll keep buying crypto whether it breaks down from here, or not, BUT in truth I'm ready for a pop upwards in price bout now, kinda over the red, show me some green!

    p.s. isn't the chart showing a "descending triangle" with $6,000 as the bottom? Im no expert, just asking.

  6. I know this is silly, but one of the things I like about your videos the most, other than the technical insight, is I don’t have to speed up the video because you already speak at a nice fast clip!!

  7. why does it seem you contradict yourself in the same sentence. you are telling us cryptocurrency could be bearish in the short term, but at the same time that it is a terrible time to sell now (?!? wtf) I am no expert, you are, but why not wait for it to crash (or go down more) and start buying as soon as we see bullish signs…after a few days of green candles?

  8. I noticed something that gives more credit to the downside: The line we draw as a resistance line from 10k to 6k, if you keep going up with it you will notice it hits the ATH exactly.

  9. Next 'round' of Litecoin and Bitcoin halvings begins 2019 – continues into 2020 – mining reward is halved leading to less new Litecoin and Bitcoin entering the market leading to upward pressure on price. Last 2015 Litecoin halving signified the beginnings of 2015 – 2017 price surge!

  10. First of all I would like for it to bottom at $4k, so I can buy all kinds of XRP. 😉

    Now check this out.
    Coinbase announcing they will add ETC in a “few” months should tell you something.

    The next BULL 🐄 market is around the corner. Coinbase is not going to randomly add a coin, especially not in a BEAR 🐻 market. it’s only going to benefit them as well as the masses to add a coin in a bull market..

    Believe it or not, They all know have access to info we don’t.

    *Coinbase to add new coins in a “Few” months

    *FB removing bans on crypto ads..

    Ladies and gentle men, they are all prepping for the next bull market.

    Institutional investors are coming in.

    It’s going to hit you like no other..

    Thank me later.

  11. Thank you for your excellent videos! Do not catch a falling knife. Timing is everything now. I sold a while back and am happy with it. Will buy back in at lower prices. There is no need to ride the wave down holding coins as it makes no sense. If I think the market is going down, I sell without emotions, even when it is at the Tripple bottom, which looks more like a descending triangle to me that has a success rate of 72.93% of continuing going down. Proper risk management is key people. Long term super bullish and groundbreaking technology.

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