1. Don't take it seriously, it is just good advise to the people, and he said only, what his experience and what is wrong with it , everybody give advise, how they become successful, not others just by listening about them, and there is nothing to agree and disagree, it is advise of how he become successful, we have to take it seriously only when somebody is giving wrong advise and it is not wrong advice it is true advise

  2. That is so true! My grandfather could run circles around the average 50 year old at age 70 and was still pretty active into his early 90's. If my health holds out as long as his and the rest of my family's, I'll be going after it for a long long time.

  3. I disagree with you. It's just your western mentality. It's not that he is wrong, it's that eastern culture thinks differently and prioritizes differently than we do. Wisdom & learning are more valuable than money there. Something you don't understand since you think money is the most important thing in the world.

  4. I think no matter what age you are there is always room and place to try something new and to push yourself further. Most dont succeed first but its those that keep trying who are the real winners.

  5. He said that because he is the "mentor", 20-30 is the best time for programmers to work for him, lower salary, yet works harder. His speech used to be alright, now its just BS.

  6. Good point, Jeremy. If you see your chance, just go and get it!
    On the other hand, we still have to remember, Jack Ma comes from China, which has more "be in line" culture.

  7. Basically There is Jeremy and Jack ways, both are good and lead to Entrepreneurship ,but will work for different people, Jack is about learning knowledge and gain wisdom from a great mentor while Jeremy is about learning from your own mistakes and acquire your own wisdom along the way.

  8. i disagree wwith you for the first point because “if you are ready to go” is a very personal thing almost all the people at that age have to learn maybe not till 30 but around 25 is a better age to start doing something. The examples that you put out are very special because they view a thing coming (internet) and jumped over with great ideas. In a normal economy be in the next thing is difficult like the birth of radio,tv,internet,youtube etc for most of the people the best advice is to learn and after pursue

  9. Its great to have a mentor and be up on educating yourself — but you cant learn to ride a bike from reading a book or getting an instructor — you have to be willing to get a very scrapes and bruises — and soon enough you are riding on your own — I agree 100% if you see an opportunity and you are young — go for it — even if it doesnt work out you are still young enough to recover and get back on your feet

  10. totally agree with you J as we get older we should take more risks as we have less time and have experience to handle hard situations. Of course make sure you have a nest egg. Thing about Jack Ma is you know there's something he's not telling and you cannot find online about his success. Is he the real deal or is he a salesman with people be hide him because sometimes he should do sound like one

  11. Hey Jeremy ! Im 18 & I have a small question, so do you have any tips for someone who has a lot of passion., but is very scatter brained? I constantly switch between animation, film, art, design, and coding, and I can't seem to focus on any single one at a time. I want to start a small business but I don't know how to focus on just that, any tips???

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