I Bought $211K Worth Of This Cryptocurrency

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  1. One question that haunts me how much do you pay in taxes with all the profits you take yearly average let’s say you made 500k profit in one year how much would you pay

  2. I went in big for me last year and my investment has dwindlded to around half of what I put in you shoulda kept you cash your gna get burned the banks are the only ones making jack shit I hope it does well but to anyone that wants to invest don't put anything in you don't need cause most likely your gna loose money

  3. Thanks for the video. A good example for a trade idea, entry and management strategy. I would propose, that you do not mention amounts of money that you invest as this could become a safety issue for you.

  4. You will either win big or lose BIG. With this slow market, I personally wouldn't do a trade like that but hey you already got all the toys and stuff you need….all the best mate

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