Hyperwave – A Brief Look At Bitcoin

Hyperwave Channel by Lucid Investment Strategies Co-hosted by D. Tyler Jenks and Leah Wald Bitcoin: 31qBca9jRFfux1Qsum9Ekp95MBSgCEWxt6 D. Tyler …


  1. I just don't buy into these charts. Remember there's a limited supply of the coins on a planet of 6 billion people. Do the math. I believe the rich will use cryptos while the poor will use devalued dollars. It just makes sense. As soon as the SEC comes out with regulations, these cryptos will explode regardless of what these charts show. Charts have nothing to do with crypto.

  2. I disagree, look back last yr at this time and the short green candles kept stacking week after week, we dont want the huge candles! slow steady with some red days in between to keep it organic growth. 90% people who are week hands are gone, anyone selling now got in before jan of 2017! Lambo guys need to keep up their expensive lifestyles

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