1. nice video… are u aware there is another long time u tuber with the name Coin Mastery???? i actually got both of u confused when i came here tonite… good name i guess…

  2. The first fork is scheduled for October 25th and is called Bitcoin Gold, I will send you an update about this next week.

    to receive the bitcoin gold and s2x funds I recommend https://cex.io/r/0/up100360361/0/

    The second fork is scheduled for somewhere around the middle of November and is called SegWit2x. This is the more important and significant of the two forks and that's why we just released a comprehensive, yet simple explanation of what's going on.

  3. good point of view take adventage of this new lvl of FOMO and propobly FUD as well after masiv dump if ther will be any potential bueyrs for BTG, If they strugel to sell ICO which was premined(also big question how they primine coin if they not even forked yet or we already miss fork:) ) than after free BTG who still want buy it??? Even shit coins have beter roadmap than BTG

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