Huge NCASH partnership! – ADA 3D crypto? – Bitcoin City 21mil visitors yearly – Exch coins to watch!

WavesGo buyback and burn program HT, BNB, BIX exchange tokens performing well Vechain wallet coming soon – watch for scams Nucleus Vision partners …


  1. Whoa, the Akita story peaked my interest. I just kind of went on them yesterday. They had a hardware startup months ago for “The Akita” a Network securing device and I put in on Kickstarter but they are months behind in their roadmap and shipping out the devices. But announced the Blockchain side of the project a few days ago and want to charge clients to set up the Blockchain profile. People were legitimately pissed. I asked why they don’t or dint just do an ICO for a currency on there network that would be an actual usable utility token and they would raid a buttload more capital. But now I’m thinking I should look in to this a little deeper

  2. Congratulations bro, 278 likes with ZERO thumbs down…. sorry I mentioned it because you know somebody will HAVE TO down vote it…lol. that's awesome dude👍🏻🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽

  3. Why in the hell would McAfee want to subject himself and his past to such critical observation or examination, would it be some promo points for crypto , Hell Yes, but still that is jumping in some many deep waters with some real killer political

  4. What's funny is because I stuck a lot into Tron its stayed low. If I would be in zilliqa it would have stayed at 11 cents. If someone pays me I'll get out of Tron and it will go to ten cents.

  5. Hi Chris, great video as always, love the updates you provided to the community, any chance u can talk about Tokenpay? its definitely worth a mention as it a real use case crypto with a strong team and have acquisition a stake with the bank and debit card rolling out soon

  6. A friend of mine brought up a good point lately and it really got me to thinking. He stated that he's afraid Trumps tariffs on China if in acted and the fact that China just did a complete reversal on their bans and views on Crypto he is thinking that instead of waiting on the American Government to set standards for Crypto so they can be added on the American exchanges he thinks that they are now rushing seceratly and will be the first to open trading of Crypto on their newly formed stock markets to draw World investors away from American dominated markets as a source of lost income due to the Tariffs? Could this be possible???

  7. 18:14 Hmmm… how is the Deutsche Bank doing? lmao! Cryptos will kill all the Fiat Currencies. Only hard capped cryptos will be trusted. Some coins will probably be worth Millions each.

  8. Ncash….lmao please stay away guys…come on you really think your gonna walk into a store and there gonna just zap your phone you have and find out what stuff you want in store? lmao…get out now

  9. Hello and great job!! Look into TIO or Trade Token, they are going to have airdrops for their telegram group who hold coins.. they are an exchange and are making big news….

  10. Have two phones with everything backed up on both. It's that simple. Should be doing things that way anyway. Most people just use their one phone and never back anything up. Then lose it or drop it into the toilet.

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