How To Value Stocks (And What I Invest In.)

AGAIN DISCLAIMER! Don’t make any major financial decisions based on what a goofball told you to do from the internet. Do your own research and consult with …


  1. So when you say “invest in snp500” You’re saying invest in multiple companies and diversify I assume. Whats a good number of companies to invest 10, 20, more?

  2. My Econ teacher from my high school use to work for Procter & Gamble. He told us about how they stole the idea for Swiffer from a Japanese company that didn't have patents in the US for the product.

  3. Ahaha.. I would risk investing in Twitter if it was public, they only broke a profit last year and is owned by facebook. Also amd??? They aren't valued very high and are making very big moves in the computer market.

    Nand memory and ram memory is looking to come up in popularity because of vertical nand stacking, where memory modules have only been singular and horizontaly lain, at they are working out production hitches and refining price to production lol.

    #TradeBenifitsEveryone #Cryptoismoneyprintingatitsfinest

  4. This video is retarded. Unless you are willing to invest thousands of dollars at a time and you know what youre doing, you should never invest in a single company. As a private citizen, always invest in a fund.

  5. I can only invest in ETFs through my bank in Sweden if I pay 50 bucks every 6 months. Without that I can only invest in Nordic/Baltic shares.

    Probably worth it but I thought it was just interesting info.

  6. Can you do a video showing the best websites to invest on or where to get started? This is great but I dunno how to realisticly implement this

  7. GBay, do you have any other channels, podcasts, or other sites you use to inform your investing that you would recommend? This might be coming in a future video but asking for my own sake. Thanks for this my dude

  8. These videos are so ideal for me right now, I can't thank you enough.

    This is exactly the sort of content I subscribed to gbay99 for. I've always thought you didn't need to make a second channel. You are what I subscribed to, not league.

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