How to turn your BITCOIN into spendable CASH Best bitcoin debit cards

I get asked all the time how to spend your bitcoin as cash. Here’s a few ways to exchange your bitcoin to spendable cash! I also show 2 bitcoin debit cards that …


  1. I have a new offer, I am introducing to all my clients,new and old, its the btc vault transfer,I make a free deposit of $250-$500 dollars worth of bitcoin depending on your credit score, no upfront payment, after which you confirm the payment and then we can begin to have a paid transaction.

  2. Can you make a Video of how much you made on your investment in bitcoin! I mean it you bought bitcoin at difference Prices it not like stock were you can find the average. Price!

  3. You are simply subject to the way the market bounces and that's the way it is. from when FIRST MILLION ROAD is in my hands it is absolutely easy to run my cryptocurrencies option as well.. but some times it broken down when i use.. have a good ofer for you..see you later..

  4. Unfortunately this is what I found after signing up: Unfortunately, you can’t order a new Cryptopay card now due to the sudden programme closure by our card issuing bank. We’re working on the solution, stay tuned.

  5. Do you the beginning crypto investor also think in what project to invest? Look at TokenGo. It is the platform on business tokenization which includes own cryptoexchange and designers of the websites of ICO and cryptocoins. At the current stage to investors good bonuses drip, and the referral program will allow to earn, inviting potential investors.

  6. I wanna know if I can have my friend order that card for me and send the card to Chile where I live and use it under the vacation deal on any ATM in my country or I won't be able to?

  7. Kip, does coinbase tack on any annoying little fees whenever you use the shift card? i could see them saying "oh, another chance for a fee" even if it's not really a legit reason to hit someone with a fee

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