How To: Trade on Bitmex with Leverage [Beginner Guide]

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  1. Thank you for this video, I learned so much shit lol.
    I am wondering what you recommend for maximum leverage that would be relatively safe (3x or 5x?). I know that 25x and above is just absolute absurdity and gambling haha. Thanks, I am completely new to the leveraged trading space (more of a HODLer) but want to play around a little bit. Also, I am wondering how long you typically let your quarterlies run before closing your positions.
    Cheers mate

  2. No one on YouTube is explaining this correctly. The amount of leverage is not how much your position is multiplied by. The amount of leverage is how much of your account balance is tied to a position. In other words, the amount of leverage determines the amount of margin.
    The size of a position is listed in the 'Quantity' box. Notice that no matter how much leverage you select, the Quantity stays the same. ….A 10% gain on a position is the SAME no matter how much leverage you select. Increasing leverage just allows you to have a bigger position. It is the Quantity that determines what your profit will be, NOT the Leverage*. So, if you want more profit, you need to increase the *Quantity — the position size.
    The Leverage level (1-100) sets the margin! To say it another way, the Leverage level determines HOW BIG YOUR QUANTITY CAN BE RELATIVE TO YOUR ACCOUNT SIZE. The higher the Leverage level, the larger the Quantity you can have in a position.
    Read this sentence carefully, everybody: Profit is determined by Quantity*, not leverage. Leverage has nothing to do with profit. The amount of profit you make is according to the size of your position, just like any other kind of business deal in a market. Leverage level (which sets margin level) just sets the limits on how much you can borrow for the *Quantity of your position.
    If this doesn't make sense, read the info on Kraken's site. All sites/exchanges use leverage in the same way. It is never that 3X leverage = 3X profit, or 100X leverage = 100X profit. No. Again: leverage just determines how much you can borrow to establish a position. That borrowing amount is according to your account balance.
    So….if you want 3X profit, you have to enter a 3X QUANTITY for your position size. If you want a 20X profit, you have to enter a 20X QUANTITY for your position size.

  3. Are u sure u are giving the correct explaining? Because I think when u opened the order for 1000 usd with 3x leverage, your actual money on bet is only 1000/3 with is 333.33. And the remaining 666.66 is the leverage. Let me know if i am wrong.

  4. Great tutorial. I don't understand how you can take a long position without USD deposited. You deposit btc and then it converts to a form of virtual USD, and you use that to buy XBT, which is a btc index?

  5. thank u so much all my confusion got cleared …i want to know that how to calculate profit and loss before trade excluding fess
    like if i go long 1000 contract at 10k how to know the fess??? for it and if BTC went 11k and if i close my position how to calculate profits and fess please answer my question …very much confused between this

  6. Great guide! Been killing it on mex since last summer. Always place a stop loss like he says guys and be careful. No more than 5x leverage to start imo.

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