How to Trade Cryptocurrency

How to Trade Cryptocurrency for Beginners: An introduction to trading Ethereum and Bitcoin Please Signup for a FREE trial on our website to learn Technical …


  1. Hey Dan, I am really enjoying your tutorials so thanks. 1 question I have about cyrpto is there are so many coins out there I am struggling to know which coins I should start TA on. Can you give me some feedback on how you sift through all the coins????

  2. Hello i started with crypto as my first time i ever invested, that was yesterday. I am happy cause it seem to be a great time to get started. All my life i spent money on just crap, just junk food, or stuff i don't need. Since money seem to burn fast, i decided to invest cause in worst case they burn just as all the times. But more likley i get a decent return on them. One thing i know so far is never to sell at loss when things are going down, but to wait till things go up again. right now i invested in ratio 2:1:1 for bitcoin, ether, litecoin. Thanks for all your info i am excitied to learn more. I just signed up for computational investment 1 on coursera, free option cause i just want the skill no need to prove it to others, so hopefully my knowledge increase with my capital. And when i am worth allot more i can think of more stable investments like companies and real estate. I was very happy to be able to buy 3 litecoins, cause who knows they could be worth allot one day, and if not, its real cheap now anyway.

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  7. Good video, very informative for beginners! If someone wants to start earning more quickly on the crypto-currency, I can advise everyone to look towards arbitration between crypto-currency exchanges, the essence is to sell a coin on one exchange and buy on the other, while playing on the difference in rates! Very profitable! And by the way there are already good helpers on the similarity of bots for arbitration, oktorye send notifications when to buy, when to sell! For example bibitbot! If you shoot a video on this topic, it will be very cool!

  8. I needed some xmr and ripple sometime ago and I made a killing just of owning them due to value increase. It was Daniel Assange that helped me trade and taught me basically all I needed to know. Yeah the real Daniel. You can reach him at

  9. I needed some xmr and ripple sometime ago and I made a killing just of owning them due to value increase. It was Daniel Assange that helped me trade and taught me basically all I needed to know. Yeah the real Daniel. You can reach him at

  10. I needed some xmr and ripple sometime ago and I made a killing just of owning them due to value increase. It was Daniel Assange that helped me trade and taught me basically all I needed to know. Yeah the real Daniel. You can reach him at

  11. Thank you for such an amazing video. I am very interested if you use Fibonacci Retracement levels on Trading view for crypto? If yes , very curious to hear your explanation and the best ways to find entree and exit point. And if you continue do day trading , which alt-coins do you trade ?:) thanks again

  12. Great info as usual my man… By the way, I use NEO as well as a leading or lagging indicator since it has a very correlated chart with BTC as well. Hopefully that helps! Keep up the great work


  13. Hello @thechartguys
    Thank you for this great video, nice to have all this useful information
    I was wondering, when you talk about "exiting" a trade , "taking profits", you mean converting all in USD? Or using some stuff like Tether? Because the USD conversion process takes time, money, and exposes you to taxes (in most countries)…

    What do you use to exit your trades?
    Thank you very much
    Kind regards

  14. HI there, thanks for the videos, so you say in the videos use this as a catalyst for people like me to get an education, where do i get the kind of education you are talking about?

  15. I just started testing on TradingView (TV). I got basic understanding of technical analysis from trading stocks. wonder do you write scripts ("strategy") to automate your trades on TV or other cryoto exchange?

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  22. What's the source of the graphic at the 2:20 mark?…with the couple in a museum looking at portraits of cryptocurrency logo's…specifically, what's the big logo beside Bitcoin? Is that supposed to be a depiction of DAG? Any DAG platform in particular?

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