How to Spot Scam Coins! – Is EOZ a Scam Project? – Scam CryptoCurrency Signs

How to spot scam coins! Is EOZ a scam project, should you invest? Scam CryptoCurrency Signs! Help Fund Our Crypto Show: Our Social Media: Follow Our Twitter:…


  1. Hi , nice video as usual, hmm i wonder if you had a look at the CCT token (crystal clear). I just wonder why the volume on this coin is so low with such a low cap coin with a reasonable project should really be with a higher volume!!

  2. Hi, how is this any different from the coin you reviewed last week called dropil? You were raving about that one but it seems exactly the same. No devs with any blockchain or trading experience, promising returns etc

  3. Thanks Mate!!! you just saved me 2 ETH i was going to invest into EOZ, now I am not going to, thanks heaps for your honest review. ETH wallet address, please deposit to help 3 Children ETH: 0x78e1753f71cE373b73D8e18370BB63aE4583493b

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