How To Setup $500 Crypto Investment Portfolio 💰💯🚀 Crypto For Beginners

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  1. Hey Jason , I heard about this coin Babb I looked into it it has a pretty good team behind it. and it's on kucoin you might want to look at it.

  2. Great Video, I will also pass this to my friends who are just starting with Crypto. But for begineers who are looking for solid projects, here is my recommendations: "DeepOnion", "Dent", "Golem". All the three serves different purposes, but works around real world use case, so you can throw some money confidently on these projects.

  3. Great video, amazing for beginners, I wish I had something like this when I started out. I started off with the typical coins when I first started, but have started to branch off more into privacy coins, and there are some great ones out there which are worth looking into. They really show off all that a cryptocurrency should be. Keep up the quality vids.

  4. Great beginner video. wish i had something like this when i started. would have saved me some of the research. Starting out with Bitcoin or Ethereum can be a good bet as you said but i think privacy coins such as DeepOnion are pretty sure bets. When the bull run comes, Untraceable transactions will be on high demand and that's one of the things Deeponion offer. Thats why i think privacy coins are reliable bets too.

  5. That's a nice guide for crypto newbies! I wish I'd checked out a similar guide when I was a newbie and gotten some advice too, instead of blindly buying coins that were overhyped. However, that was also a lesson for me. I learned from my mistakes and from the mistakes of others. I'm not sure I would have found nice projects like PIVX, DeepOnion or Ontology if I hadn't made a few mistakes investing in other coins first. You can't recognize good projects if you can't recognize the bad projects.

  6. This is so far the best intro to the crypto world video I ever watch thanks gentleman you have my thumb up, my subscription and my tipped little bell

  7. Why are you advising people to send bitcoin (or ETH) directly from Coinbase to an exchange? I was taught to never do this. Instead, one should move the BTC or ETH to a wallet and then from the wallet to an exchange!

  8. I have been in the cryptosphere for almost a year now. I wish I had seen this when I first started. Great content. I will share this with anyone that I know who wants to know how to begin also I shared it to my wall on FB.

  9. Awesome video Crow! Looking forward to the TV show!!!!Do you think Fabric Token or XY Oracle Network have a bright future? Both recently out of their ICOs and on IDEX. Could you look into Invacio as well?

  10. You’re awesome crow, everything you do is greatly appreciated. I love that you’re no BS straight shooter who tells It how it is. Your videos are awesome, keep it up! Crow your coins!!

  11. Nice work Jason, I've got to get your course.Are your courses more advanced? What do you mean by "crow your coins"? Also with just a small portfolio, is it ever safe to leave some coin on an exchange? Like if I wanted to trade for profits. Thanks again dude.take care !

  12. Are paper wallets safe and is there an android wallet like ethos that you can store on your cell? Plus I have been told to never buy coins that have too large supply as they will never be worth more then 2 to 3 bucks, and yet a lot of youtubers recommend coins with over a billion supply? Thanks

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