How To Mine Bitcoins FREE (2018) Free Bitcoins

Is bitcoin mining profitable? YES! if you have good multiple GPU’s you can make some really good money… Thank you! for watching this video please leave a …


  1. Hi, I subscribed and like this video.
    Seems legit site to generate BTC, but the income doesn't really great, if you can same type of sites which can mine other currency like Litecoin, Ethereum as they are not carry value, we may can mine more with the regular PC and then can convert to BTC, plz advice

  2. I have intel i5 computer, my graphics card is built in, intel hd 530. Is this nice hash miner software is work on this computer? There are nvidia and amd software. Which software will I download for btc mine for my computer?

  3. woo-ow that's nice video, but now is not working in my Laptop windows 10!

    what is problem and which windows is working in it and in withdraw it need transaction fee or not?

  4. bro i am bored from emulators so decided to play pc games on pc so can u tell some best pc games for low end pc or can u tell some tricks to play games like cs go or doom in low spec pc without lag plssss

  5. I didnt belive it at first so I tok a printshot. always I saw the USB was falling from my nicehash, sometimes 1 usd sometimes 2 usd. What is happening? I created a adress on the wallet normaly. how is this happening? Nothing is normal here. im sry for being stuck here asking these but im getting tired of this mining thing. was happy I could get something from it but its like if someone is taking my money

  6. Hey m8, check I went up to around 27 usd but in my coinbase it says in the balance I have 0. its the coinbase wallet im using and still showing no income. Look for urself:
    please bro, possible to fix this? Or have I been mining 3-4 days for nothing? =/

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