How to make money with Olymp Trade 2018 super strategy

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  3. Hello guys. I have a question and anybody can chip in. So i invested with a broker who traded for me. Is it normal for the broker to demand that I pay a tax on my ROI before cash out can be activated? Or the 20% tax should be deducted from my earning?

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  7. what is the maximum amount that can be used,i tried using an amount of 4000usd in demo mode but it says the maximum is 2000.what happens if i start with 500 and i keep doubling it till i reach an amount that exceeds 2000,does that mean i've lost my chance of recovering my money??

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  11. I used the mentioned per the will get in profit in 4 or max to 5 attempt..but I can say in many cases after regular 10-12 attempts we keep on loosing and candles go opposite way? I am missing somewhere? Please help

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