How to make a living trading Cryptocurrency!

Hey guys Welcome to the channel! Check out the trading playlist for trading tips, and the Ghost Mode playlist for security! Have fun! TL;DR: I show you how to make a few small trades every…


  1. I love the reality of these video's. Its like sitting in your living room, talking about crypto's. Having your wife walking in the picture just adds to this reality-feeling.

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  3. Hello Kkyptographic;
    I assume that when the btc is low is when it comes out better to ask for a loan
    and right now that is very low is the ideal situation (now: 1btc: $ 10,200)
    for what I have researched, if you ask for a loan of $ 10,000, you have to have blocked the equivalent in btc of $ 12,000 (20% more)
    that will serve as bail to go paying the loan, with its revaluation
    the danger is that if you lower the quote btc, you have to put the difference
    Now, as the btc is now, its price, compared to a few months seen will not be less, so now is a very good opportunity to get money by borrowing without much risk.
    I'M RIGHT?

  4. It would be awesome if you did a master class in real time.
    I have TRX but it is at a low right now. I am really interested in more detail. I am just starting to get involved. Love the free information.

  5. Great vid! Informative, but more importantly, REALISTIC…you donโ€™t quit your job, or buy a lambo in the first month of trading, but you can get there from here! $100 a day adds up quick and it doesnโ€™t take a huge investment to be on your way. Thanks for keeping it REAL ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

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  9. Hey man, thanks heaps for the video, Ive been waiting for months to sign up to bittrex but they still arent accepting new users… Ive been playing around with the charts on Binance but cant figure out how to set the type to exponential… Is this going to be a problem do you think? Thanks again.

  10. im sorry for the investors who are scared or selling their BTC because of the sudden fall
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