How To Invest In Your 20s (In 2018)

In this video, we will discuss multiple investing strategies that someone in their 20’s could implement to build wealth and establish financial freedom. Making the …


  1. Just to clarify, let's say I open a roth IRA and put in 5,500 in Y1 + Average market % = Total

    Y2 I get another 5,500 on top of the total?

    Also, when is the cut off for my "1 year window"? Jan to Dec or 1 year from when I open the account?

  2. Your videos are really informative & entertaining! Usually when my guy friends start talking finance I get so bored that I space out 😀 But I’ve been learning a lot from your videos. I’m going to shock my friends when I start contributing to the conversations. Thank you! 😎🦋

  3. Watch out when giving your money over to other to manage. Many will get old and discover that the managers did not have their best interest in mind. No one will look out for you like you will. Learn what you are getting into when investing.

  4. Do you have any opinion on "Stash"'s Retirement accounts? I actually just set mine up (It is a Roth IRA) and invested $100 from my college scholarship refund in it. It is free if you're under 25 and I am only 20 so I figured it would be a good idea. It seems to be going well so far. I invested a few weeks ago in a variety of companies (Amazon, JP Morgan, Alphabet, and a few others), and am I already seeing my returns come in. However, they do not seem to have a very large selection of companies. And, once I turn 25, it's $2 a month or 0.25% a year once over $5,000 has been invested. I know you don't know everything, but would I be able to transfer it elsewhere without penalties if I found a better system? Do you know of something else I should use instead? I do only have a little over $100 invested so far, so I could switch to something else now and build there if it was truly better. I have just been reading reviews and it seems very mixed. Thank you for the great videos, and I hope you can get around to reading this comment!

  5. Dude A Million Dollars In 20-50 Years Wont Be Shit, It Will Be Like A Thousdands… This Is Really For The 70's- 90's People. I Mean You Can Still Do This But Don't Depend On A Retirement Plan, Trust Me Things Are Changing

  6. What books do you recommend for people who dont know how to invest?? I want to kbow how to invest in the stock market and robinhood im tired of the life im living much help would be appreciated!

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