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  1. What do you think about VTI (total stock market ETF)? I was thinking about buying VIG (dividend ETF) and VUG (growth ETF) but I talked to my dad about it and he recommended VTI because it is a mix of growth and dividend stocks.

  2. Hey Ryan, I appreciate you and your videos .. I'm relatively new to investing, and found your videos while researching where to start. My goal is to make sure I have something to leave behind for my daughter. I'm hoping you can clarify what companies are blue chip stocks and what investment grade bonds. And any other wise investment types like etf's etc. I will gladly do my due diligence in deciding who to invest with for my future, But I'm just not sure who is who out there. Thanks for your time!

  3. Hey Ryan. I'm new to all this. Have 20k invested at the moment in VOO, Boeing, Nvidia, Wynn and Yamana Gold. There is a correction coming in the stock market right? Does this mean its time to sell everything and wait until it picks up? Also does the correction happen slowly so we have time to sell or is it just a big sudden drop and we need to be quick to sell?

  4. Good ideas Ryan. I'm a little hesitant on the market right now. When upbeat commentary on earnings isn't enough to support the market, you know investor sentiment is wearing a little thin. The selloff today on no real information tells me that things could turn quickly. We're now the longest period in history without a correction and lots of potential catalysts in inflation, trade and geopolitics coming up. I would hedge any long bets with buying puts on the larger index (b/c volatility is still ridiculously low, options buying as a hedge is cheap).

  5. Hey Ryan, I have a question that it might sound stupid for some here. If I live in the UK and I want to invest in index fund ETF etc. Shall I do it using vanguard or I will lose money on the exchange rate? in that case is there any similar platform uk based that you know? 
    Thanks a lot buddy!

  6. First I wanted to say that shirt is multi-dimensional, I like it Ryan lol. Overall I like the options, if you're not interested in doing your own research an index is perfect for you. I did a video on this awhile ago and might have to update my thoughts. But $1k is a good starting point, just remember to do your research and invest in yourself! 🙂

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