How to Install AMD Adrenalin Drivers 18.3.4 for GPU Mining Blockchain Crypto Ethereum RX500 RX400

How to install the most recent AMD Adrenalin 18.3.4 Drivers for GPU Mining with blockchain compute support. This is for the RX400 and RX500 Series.


  1. Hi, i can't connect more then 8 Rx570 4 gb on mb h110 pro btc. Appears blue screen, until 8th card it's all right but ASAP i restart and connect 1 more and plug in PC, it appears blue screen error, do you know smt about it?

  2. blockchain Aug23 driver gives 30mh and i have try on your driver i have try its gives 16 mh .i have 19 gpu board
    can your help me
    right now i am using only 8 gpu on this board

  3. Clear and simple tutorial, I like yours videos thanks for share all this
    So, I still with the blockchain beta 17.xx.x version (I do not remember the exactly numbers)
    Changing from the blockchain beta driver to this new it will have a different performance?

  4. Thanks buddy! This is the second time you saved my ass! Msi pro carbon was unable to mine with the 6th RX580 sapphire nitro plus. In the beginning, motherboard was detecting my 6th card but i got OPENCL CALL message error and the 6th card was decreasing shorthly to 0 mh.s! When i switched to this new driver , the 6th card is mining without any problem. Anyway, PLEASE AVOID MSI MOTHERBOARD FOR MINING ! you wont get all those FUNKY SHITTY situations with ASUS CARDS!

  5. Hi @Cryptomined. I've done the "optional" upgrade via AMD Settings which I recently downloaded, haven't uninstalled previous drivers though via DDU as you've instructed. Would it automatically replace? 2. I'm currently getting 28.3 MHs at most out of 8x RX580; how did you get to 30+?

  6. This is very helpful video regarding update GPU mining drivers. And Sir I want to ask you,do we have to do this every time? When does the need to update the mining ring driver? Will the driver of the mining ring always have to update this way Please Tell me

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