1. Do you think Callisto (CLO) is good choice to mine right now? With my pathetic 55 Mh/s i can get about 60 CLO per day. But price listed on my pool is 0,00$ per coin.

  2. DMB (Digital Money Bits) is going to explode in short time. Low supply and verry cheap on the moment. Team is reactivate this coin on the moment!! Opportunity to make 1000x gain!!!

  3. What's the point to go mining? It is possible just to buy the necessary coin in advance and wait)) I have received free coins from Telcoin https://telcoinairdrop.com It is said to be a very perspective coin; it can repeat the NEO's fate and make 100 X-es. Could it be that you will earn so much in mining?

  4. Nice video and good information…. Which coin is good to mine with AMD cards now with low difficulties.. I used to mine eth but I switch for my rigs for two weeks now now because of electricity bill then concentrate on trading..thanks

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