How to Detect Investment Scams.

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  1. PR (Puerto Rico) is a territory of America. American citizens are about 20/40/40. 20 hate PR, 40% want to make it a state, and 40% of our nation are dumb asses (for example, 5% of our nation believes the sun revolves around the earth). So back in the 90s, some douchey congress decided to make profits gained from PR investments tripe tax exempt at the same time the corrupted and thoroughly bribed PR governor decided to amend PR's constitution to say it would pay back its debts before any other expenditures. Well, it just so happens that the interest on PR's debt is greater than the amount of tax revenue it receives….. and since it is not a state, it cannot file for bankruptcy…..

  2. Mario, do you think that we would’ve been better off letting the banks fail in 2008,Would’ve been a short term inconvenience?
    Would have been a smaller hole to fill,today the hole cannot be filled”Endless debt”

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