How to Day Trade Cryptocurrencies On Binance Exchange [August 2018]

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  1. Hello how are you? Your videos are great. I was wondering why you have not tried Neblio? Its price is 17 times more than ICO, plus it already has API Restful in 8 different programming languages, and well they also have their own Blockchain solution, and as if that were not enough they have their web wallet, Orion, where you can easily create your own token.

  2. yeah must be nice bro to have all that money to day trade with. unless your worth six figures, theres no point as you aint making no money from it.Exspecially in this bear market.I'm sick and tired of all you 2017 guys that got lucky now think that you are trade genuises. All you did was get lucky last year, every single coin went up no skill involved, you got lucky plain and simple. So dont go acting like your trade gods or wolf of wall street types. Start ta;lking to the little people to, not everybodys got a million dollars to invest and lose. Not to mention 90+% day traders lose, did I hear you tell your viewers that? No. Why? Because you dont and cant relate to the little people. Your too filthy rich to come back to planet earth. Makes me sick.

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