How to CPU Mine Bitcoin Private with Awesome Miner – Viewer Requested!

This video is a response to several requests on how to mine BTCP using a CPU. One of the developers for BTCP forked the code from NHEQminer and adjusted it to work with the new BTCP blockchain…


  1. Hi Goose-Tech if i did this from Australia will it work all the same as the video. Thanks for all the videos I'm very new to this and need all the help i can get to learn. 🙂

  2. This is crazy. With the BTCP blockchain difficulties, using CPU to mine is just not worth it unless BTCP price above $1+k to be barely profitable. Unless, The CPU is the high end AMD Ryzen CPU, may give you a tiny profit if the BTCP price above $500 plus.

  3. Awesome! Thank you Mr. Goose… I set it up and it ramped up my CPU temp to 128 Deg. F. compared to the 88 Deg. F. for Electroneum on XMrig… Very cool that you got this all done, but, for the safety of my Ryzen 1700x I will stick with ETN and XMrig. Very good information though!!!!! Cheers!!!

  4. Hey goose, I have been watching AM running for the last 2 hours. After the nheqminer accepts about 10 shares the miner restarts. It doesn't crash but; restarts counting the shares over again. Nothing shows up on Vicious Miner website. It can't even find my BTCP address? I have had about 25 shares accepted by the nheqminer miner — no shares show accepted by AM.
    Any suggests, I think something is not connecting!

  5. Thank you very much for explaining what and how. He tried to figure it out himself, but something in any way, and you all explained it, respect!

  6. Thanks for that video goose! I tried using nheqminer before on command line and it would crap out after 5 mins.
    I am hashing now on AM, 5 shares accepted but; nothing showing in Vicious Miner stats yet.
    You did a great job!

  7. Goose…can I use the advanced tab to set which GPU that I want to mine a specific coin? I tried the Environment tab to set a specific GPU 0, GPU 1; but when I start the miner, it begins to use all GPUs and the other miner stops. Thank you for any suggestions.

  8. This video was viewer requested. Now I'm curious what kind of results you have gotten using this method. What kind of CPU are you using? What is your hashrate? What kind of profits are you making with your CPU? Leave a comment below. 🙂

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