How People Get Rich With Real Estate 🏠

How does investing in real estate make you rich? I am sure we all have that friend or family member that owns real estate and they have amassed a serious …


  1. Honest question and a response would be greatly appreciated. So in Orlando, Florida, which is where I live, there is currently a class action lawsuit being filed against outside property managers in the community I live in because these outside property managers have not done anything. My question, I do plan on owning real estate some day. Any tips for how to screen outside property managers for quality, or any tips on how to manage your rental property yourself?

  2. Glad I saw this video when I did. I've recently been trying to find an answer to a question, but maybe I don't phrase it correctly on Google. The question is, how much should I pay down on my current mortgage before turning it into a rental property? Currently, houses in my neighborhood go for $1400+ a month (rentals), my payment (I'm property tax exempt, but probably only while living in the house myself) is $900, so after adding taxes back in, I would be paying around a $1000~ a mo. $400~ give or take doesn't really seem all that great if a big repair we're to come up, but wasn't sure when a "good" time would be.

  3. the real money short term is appreciation. The generational wealth comes from multiple properties that have been paid and its straight residual income from there on. there's more ways to make money off real estate. Great channel!

  4. this was great πŸ™‚ really defined the process, which is what I have been looking for, I have learned about creative finance and a few things but the BRRR is a brilliant addition, thanks πŸ™‚

  5. not to kill the mood but people were doing this in 2005 2006 2007 it doesn't always end by getting rich,,, everyone wins in a bull market this goes for the stock market also keep your eyes wide open

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