How Not To Invest In Cryptocurrency Or Blockchain

Blockchain is here to stay and some have used the space inappropriately. There are a lot of things to learn about this new technology and we got to use it smart.


  1. Man, the title nearly killed my vibe until I watched the video lol. Cryptocurrency is my only option to afford Real Estate instead of going to the bank or investors – bad credit, no college degree, no job (workers comp) and 0 experience. Every check I receive goes into Crypto and transfer into my blockchain wallet. The best part – It helped me save $4k so far the most ever. I'm a HODL investor and proud owner of Electroneum.

    When ETN grows in value earning a decent capital gain. I'll definitely link up with your program and start investing into Real Estate for passive income! Soon I hope…

  2. Hey Kris, I have a youtube channel me and my buddy and we think it would be cool for us and everyone who watches you at home to take us through the process and mentor us so people can see that it actually works.

  3. I have to say you both have gotten me to remember my ultimate goal of retiring early. I got way to conservative when my son was born 8 months ago. Now im back to finding good deals and taking steps toward leaving my job.

  4. Hey Kris,

    So my dad is a landlord and rents out appartments and wants to give it to me as a inheritance. I've been helping him with maintenance, collecting rent, making contract, setting tenants into vacant appartments ect for many years.

    The building requires a lot of maintenance at the moment. There is also a person who contacted me and said he/she is interested in buying the building.

    I'm about to be 18 and about to finish high school. So you know, the whole go to college thingy..

    Ultimately, I want to hear your advice for my situation. Should I keep the building? Or should I sell it and invest the money into another house? Or should I sell the building and just go ahead and go to college?

    Greetings from Aruba
    P.S. I find your videos very informative!

  5. I love Crypto I've been in the crypto space for 2 years and made thousands and lost thousands just with Bitconnect but I'm not mad it change my life.Crypto made more millionaires in 2017 than any business on the planet even more this year but I understand the mining thing is crazy but the ICOs is what u really loose your money on so no the game

  6. If you haven't got near six figures to spend it won't we work these days unless you're super lucky. No guru selling a system will ever admit this or they will cease to be a money making guru.

  7. There is good and bad in every market I just think you have to be a smart investor to decipher the bullshit out.. it’s not that hard.. if sec decided to drop the hammer it wouldn’t matter… cause it’s a global market they can only control so much

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