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  3. Hi,Creb Thanks for making these videos it does help.i have 1 question i am a student & i am freelancing (i bought 1x 1080ti for 953$ – Zotac amp Extreme New 5 days back) my electicity is free (0.046 Per Kw – Parents Pay for it).
    i wish to buy 1x 1080ti each month till i get 6x 1080ti rig i already have motherboard (Gigabyte G1 Sniper 5 & i7 4770k) only need to upgrade Power Supply (current – Corsair Cx600).is it worthit to buy 1080ti or wait for new Series?
    i am ok by storing mined Btc till Btc goes back to to 16,000 $ or 18,000$.

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