How Low Will Bitcoin Go?!? Why is Bitcoin Crashing? What is the Best Crypto Strategy Now?

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  1. $5555 was the previous support and resistance for a while last year. We are getting ever closer to that point again (I use Evolve Markets) … I think we have 24/48 hours before the bounce.

  2. There is no technical analysis for Bitcoin. Hype and idiots drove the price up. Smart swindlers sold at the peak and ran with real money…..newbies and idiots are still convinced this scam will rise to new heights!!

    China, India are clamping down on this illegal currency as well as BANKS putting a stop on using their credit cards to buy this “tulip” maniac.

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  4. Great video. We need to keep our cool here. I would like to buy an Ether, would it be nuts to sell enough Bitcoin to make the purchase? I don't have any cash to spare, otherwise I'd just buy it.

  5. It's a very simple phenomenon. Decentralized and centralized system can't run together and specially decentralized system cannot run depending on most of it's moves on Central Banking system. That's like saying Give me your gun I wanna shoot you …
    Hence, De centralized system must adopt it's own identity free transaction system and not go into know your customer policy enforced by the older dominant Capitalists who can't figure out what Bitcoin is how it has been programmed. Its just above their understanding.
    Secondly and most importantly, there should be a parallel buying and selling methodology with in block chain or hash graph independent of Central Banking.
    Stop begging and move on.

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