How Large OTC Orders Work – Part 1

How Large OTC Orders Work – Part 1 In this video I sit down with Caleb and Brown CEO Prash to discuss Bitcoin buying conditions in the OTC cryptocurrency …


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  3. Very insightful indeed. Quite new to this channel and really appreciate you bringing this information to our attention. So glad I looked you up after the interview with CryptoLark. How else how can I keep in touch with what you're doing? (Am based in Sydney)

  4. Thanks, Alex. Great video to educate. You bring out something that appears as obvious but is indeed yet unknown for the majority. It is obvious that very few details can be revealed by these guys but still an interesting interview. Awesome short and subtle tips from Pash too

  5. Price man price! You didnt talk about price. Is there a premium for big orders? Does OTC markets affect price in any way. There is all this talk about when institutional money comes in we're gonna moon. But obviously their already in and its making no difference to this possible resumption of a bull market.

  6. Great interview. One question that wasn't answered however was this:

    How does large scale OTC trading eventually impact the price – perhaps in a more delayed and/or diffuse manner? Does it eventually result in the same rise or fall in the price that market trading causes?

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