How I’d Invest $1000 Into Cryptocurrency And Altcoins In January 2018

Ever wondered how to invest $1000 into Cryptocurrency and altcoins in 2018? I take a shot at explaining how I’d invest in January of 2018, with two different altcoin buying strategies. In…


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  2. So I found your video on 1/21/18 and all of the coins are currently worth much less… as in my $1,000 will buy more right now. Take BLUE for example… currently trading at $0.733 with a market cap of $24M (half of market cap at time of video). I'm taking the plunge and breaking my crypto virginity as I think this pullback is a perfect time to drop come cash into the game.

  3. So what do you do one you make a profit. How do you sell for usd because what I'm seeing is all you can do is trade it for another crypto currency and are you buying and selling all on this website

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  5. What are your opinions on AppCoins and SwftCoin ? SwftCoin is really cheap and it's trading on $60 Million volume each day. Anyone on board with these 2 coins ?

  6. great video. I started investing with $3,000 (all I had at the time). That $3,000 turned to $7,800 now. Moral of the story is there is no minimum amount needed to get started. Do your research, invest only what you're willing to lose, and if you do it right, you might be the next success story

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  8. Invest $400 in NEO and HODL (NEO going to 4 digits by end of year), $200 ETH (good safe long term hold probably increase 3 to 5 times by end of year), $150 APPC (Appcoins has great growth potential and could by one of winners in the portfolio – see it increasing 20 to 30 times by end of year), $150 in SALT (great practical loan coin that will take of when starts – see 4-5 times increase by end of year), $100 TRON (if we see recent price action expect TRON could be wild card jumping anywhere between 20 and 40 times). This could turn portfolio into $15,000+ . Just follow my picks on Twitter and you will do well @cryptowealth5

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