1. dude making mistakes is a part of life. so fuck all that. but when it comes to thing like that U better ask someone or research and learn. Videos on the net are not the way tbh.

  2. not sure why people would take this chance for 1% interest rate when any fucking regular ass savings account atp a local bank will give you between 1 and 2 % interest. safe index funds for the long term will give you maybe 8 to 10% on good yrs. bitcoin in general has possibilities but this bitconnect shit made zero sense to me but i m not financial guru so not sure what made this attractive to people. seems like there were many better choices to make than this.

  3. I’ve been with u since 1k subs, my boy, but some constructive criticism, u gotta stop suckin your teeth and smackin your lips when you’re talkin into the mic, my dude. It’s all I hear every couple seconds. And it’s really annoying. Keep up the good work and you’ll surpass 50k soon 💪🏼

  4. I think you should change the name of your video to "from investing in bitconnect" not bitcoin, because bitcoin is right now $8700 for 1 bitcoin and the ones that scammed you is not actually bitcoin the company was called bitconnect just to point that out, but great story time dude and also if you still interested in investing in bitcoin which i will recommend you to do so because bitcoin will worth minimum 3x more then what its worth now by the end of 2018 you should try the platform called binance, or coinbase, good luck in your future plans my dude.

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