How Bitcoin will Crash 2018 Explained!

WARNING! How Bitcoin will Crash 2018 Explained. Cryptocurrencies are an abstract idea to understand today so I use real dollars and coins to break down how a crypto currency works and I give…


  1. Lol Cryptocurrency is the new way American dollar only has .2 percent purchasing power.
    Usd will crash because of bitcoin
    American money gains no intrinsic value and is no longer back by gold or silver. You think you are holding money but yo be honest it’s just paper

  2. Crypto to amazing bro, I was a complete beginner 3 months ago and already made over $60,000. Don't sleep lol, this crushes affiliate marketing, even though I hit 6 figures a year with that, crypto is a million times easier. I have been watching your videos for since before I started my online marketing businesses, much respect! Love the content.

  3. There will be money to pay out those that want to exit as there will be artificial demand circulating to payout in the form of other cryptocurrencies. Think of Bitcoin Master as the Casino / House. The Casino always has leverage to pay out due to other players losses compounded from various other activities / games.

  4. Bitcoin is backed by government and pedophiles. Good explanation as to why it's a scam though. It's really apparent once you step back and look at it. There's more spectacular details, that you can learn about in the video about the Bitcoin CIA connection by some other YouTuber.

  5. Rashaad I have been a long follower and watch all your videos and they are awesome but this video is false information you need to do more research on how cryptocurrencies are impacting the world and blockchain technology.

  6. If you don't send no money at all show me how to make money if you can do that then illuminati is controlling you. You have no control over your lifestyle and just a puppet. You hear to lie to the public lol. All people do is scam. I'm a real if I had a way to make money I'll be on youtude to and I will help everyone I can real life.

  7. You should have done better research and grasp the concept of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and try to understand the fundamentals of bitcoin and blockchain technology before publishing a video like this. Videos like these promote FUD and are bias because of ignorance. Cryptocurrency has created one of the biggest financial shifts ever experience and it continues to shift wealth to the less fortunate parts of the world, poor people are becoming rich and experiencing abundance right now through cryptocurrencies because of the decentralized nature. People in rural areas that had no access to banks and financial securities and assets can participate in digital assets once they have internet access and access to a pc or smart phone. Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies are community based and not centralized like FIAT currencies and in most poor countries people don't buy bitcoin or altcoins they earn them, from mining, and participating on website like steemit etc., where you are rewarded for blogging or doing other tasks, then you may use the earnings to trade between other altcoins or use then to purchase goods and services. If you didn't know bitcoin can't be printed out of thin air like your Federal bank notes, it is created through a process called mining which can be done by anyone interested in mining and is not controlled by one person or a "bitcoin master", Bitcoin has value because of the cost via electricity and computing equipment used to mine the bitcoins is taken into consideration and the price appreciated and fluctuates based on supply and demand. Bitcoin has created wealth for many, and will be continually used as a wealth creation tool by many poor people for as long as it exist. We can finally do the things we always dreamed about because of bitcoin. It is unfortunate that people like you will cause some people to miss out on the abundance of free money floating around in crypto currencies. Only rich people will loose money if Bitcoin ever crash anyway… Do you think poor people can even afford to invest in Bitcoin? We earn cryptocurrency and spend them as we earn so we will never loose. If you were posting your videos to steemit and earning free steem dollars that you can then trade for bitcoin on an exchange called bittrex, then send it to coinbase or payza then to your bank account or go directly to a store or website and spend it, I guess you wouldn't be talking so much of shit. You can continue thinking that your USD and other federal and government FIAT currencies wouldn't crash, continually thinking your government is rich and your USD in your bank is federally insured, and you will get back your money worth in gold or fedcoins from your bank when the dollar crashes, but please don't mislead others, keep live in your bubble while we make money in our Bitcoin bubble. Stick to other topics if you have no experience in using, earning, mining or trading bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Now if you want, you can use this comment as a topic and make a better video pointing out the good aspects of bitcoin vs the negative and upload it to Steemit and earn free money. I can't understand how someone who claims to be about making money and showing less fortunate people how to make money fighting down Bitcoin / cryptocurrency which is the easiest money a poor man might ever make in his life, you should be telling people to beat the iron while it is hot and encouraging people to make and spend as much bitcoin as possible in the short term and use bitcoin now to eat well and travel and do the stuff they could not have done previously because of the corrupt governments and corrupt financial organization /systems that had us by our balls. I guess you are probably sponsored by the feds.

  8. I think it's suspect that people sell their dollars for Bitcoin while the guy creating and selling the Bitcoins then uses the dollars to invest in securities and assets that are actually worth something.

  9. Lemme break it down real simple. The price is whatever people will pay. The Bitcoin Master(s) are whales, exchanges (like Coinbase) and basically the gateways to change from Bitcoin to USD cash money. So, it crashes when no one will buy at 13,000, but someone will sell at 12,500. Then someone makes a buy offer for 12,000. The next holder offers 11,500 for a sell price. This goes on until it hits bottom. Imagine a flea market selling some shit that just went out of style.

  10. when I was 16 I had 25-43 of the original 1000, they kept trying to get me to trade them, I wrote them and said I don't believe in this but if It is the way of the future ok so I said to use my bit to backup all transactions and use my money to stabilize it, then I said also go long and short so that if the traders blow thru my backstop I still hit bigger than all, I'm the big coinmaster ryan summers albq nm, it wont crash beyond 1-100th I also said that in 92 I was 16 I said to make me the richest man on earth, every time I try to get into my account I have a half mill trans

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