How Bitcoin Is Going to Rally To This Weird Price

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  1. Lol your channel is trash, your TA's are shit. All you care about is tricking people into buying your bullshit courses. You even use trashy emojis in your video clip and the classic scamster titles "this one weird price". seriously you are a joke

  2. Hey Steve can you explain why the alts arent pumping with bitcoin as strong as they did on previous runs.? You had said when bitcoin dominance is as high as it is now, alts usually get a good run but it seems with 44.4 percent dominance the alts are still bleeding. Do you think this has anything to do with people going into bitcoin for the potential ETF. And if the ETF gets approved would that cause a run in bitcoin and a crash in alts?

  3. Thanks for all that you do for the Crypto Community, you have opened my eyes so much to the power of learning to read the charts. I've learned to see reversals and reading rsi and stochastic. You vids continue to help me maximize the trading opportunities. Don't ever change your style of keeping it simple with articulate explanations better than other trading vids out there. Keep up the great teaching. ( Waiting on Money Token's listing in Binance ) so I can trade and pay for advance classes asap. Could you please cover Electroneum, it has a large global community and is growing fast, the community needs more direction when it comes to TA and I want to point them your way.

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  5. the rise of BTC is very good but nobody talks about Binance for quite some time it was not possible to operate and many of us missed the climb. Amazing!! I have complained on your telegram channel and I have been expelled from it for complaining. Will this be the real future?

  6. $7500-7600 tops. No way we're passing the 200day MA for more than a hot minute wick. No way.
    Now we're headed to $5K by end of August. Mark my words. It's going to happen.

  7. Steve thanks for your analysis, however a couple questions: You compared our current 2018 breakout of the downward trend line to that of 2014 but once the death cross happened in 2014 the price action went to lower lows. Do you think this is possiblew? Tone Vays and Tyler Jenks suggest BTC will hit the death cross around 8K and then go to lower lows around 5k or possibly lower. We will most likely see a death cross in a couple of weeks. What are your thoughts about the rest of the year as compared the rest of the year 2014?

  8. Hello Steve, I'm pretty new to crypto, but watching every one of your videos and I already did learn a lot from your videos. Hope to soon be able to take your classes and learn even more. One of the cryptos I'm looking ate a lot is NEO, but did this coin break marked structure? Thanks

  9. Hi Steve, thanks so much for your help and guidance with the charts. You are very generous with your talents and knowledge. I noticed that there are at least two ways to draw that upper trend line on 2018. One as you show and then if we take the last three highs only the trend line is in alignment to be met at about 7700. The 2014 chart hits the trend line and rides along it, slowly descending down before running to the last high which would be 10,000 on the 2018 chart. I am wondering if we are not mirroring the big run yet and just moving up to meet the trend line at 7700 then back down for a few weeks before heading back up to 10,000. Probably around the August 10th date. Just a beginners thoughts. 🙂

  10. Can someone out there can clarify this for me: why does Steve use a logarithmic scale on his price axis? Benefits/downfalls of doing this? Because trend lines are different if you change the scale

  11. Hi Steve… Thank you very much for videos, please keep them coming. There are a lot of people I follow on YouTube that always have their take on what's happening with the market, but yours offers a simple approach and it helps me to take a birds eye view of what's going on. With that said, could you please review SelfKey (KEY)… they recently joined Binance and had a massive pump, and I'm afraid I got stuck in a position that I'm still in. Do you think there is much hope of this turning around so that I don't have to take a huge loss?

  12. I hardly give my feedback on YouTube videos but I got to say Steve your predictions are incredible. I've always doubted you in the beginning but not anymore. You've taught me a lot on YouTube I will now definitely consider buying your package. Cheers mate

  13. Hi Steve, I am a beginner in day-trading and I am learning so much from your channel. Could you please make a quick analysis of ETH/KNC and/or ETH/HGT? I would really appreciate it, thank you.

  14. this still could just be a bull trap, beware people, just slowly accumulate your favourite cryptos that have a solid future, mine I have been holding are mainly hybrid POW/POS coins like Deeponion and XDNA these days, especially traditional POW coins have been hit hard with 51% attacks like verge

  15. I know we are focusing on the short term but inevitably the question arises ..when will we see divergence from the commonality in price action with 2014? For the purposes of the short term projection Steve has been leaving off the back end of 2014 however that is what is interesting me more, as it is doubtless counter to latest the bullish expectations. After reaching that next fib level BTC corrected and gradually declined until reaching a new lower low in Oct 14. I'm curious to know what prompted that low back then. Much more significant for Oct this year is the widespread expectation that this is when serious economic factors and problems in the financials sector could initiate the next crisis we all know at some time to expect. That is when for me, i see the greatest opportunities. When the stock market crash does happen (and by crash i'm meaning well in excess of 50%) there will of course be a profound degree of FUD across all markets prompting initially a run on crypto too, but at some point the bleed out of the stock market will begin to feed into crypto (after the swines can no longer hide the fact they've bought up as much as poss OTC off the exchanges where we've not observed them). THAT is when the lowest low will be reached by my reckoning, and such a low that we'll never see that low again, but whilst the institutional investors will be consolidating, the dilemma for private joe's like you and i will be one of liquidity, facing cash shortages and access restrictions amidst a credit freeze and bank insolvency fears in the short term, versus keeping our precious funds invested and holding our crypto investments for the long term. We'll need to cash to make essential purchases amidst a credit freeze but with rampant inflation and prices rising for an unknown period of time whilst the financial reset is completed. Meanwhile that stark reality will be that fiat currencies are going to significantly devalue (which will only please the criminal central banks even more of course that they are able to monopolise their crypto holdings whilst we struggle to decide how long we can survive with any funds still invested)

  16. Steve, I agree it is very smart to compare BTC to the past. However, have you looked at BTC's chart vs. Gold from 1975 – 2001? the resemblance is uncanny. Also, Gold went parabolic following, guess what…a Gold ETF. If BTC follows gold, a pullback at 10k will be a bear trap.

  17. Hi, just need clarification fr you. Why you are calling it USD/BTC instead of BTC/USD.
    The base is BTC and the quoted price is USD and it should be BTC/USD.
    Plse correct my understanding, tq

  18. Steve, really enjoy your positivity and encouraging approach in your videos. Please kindly review LTC to USD. Thank you very much and keep up the great work.

  19. Hi Steve. You are so inspiring to all of us. Your passion of teaching is a class. Can’t wait for your videos. Keep real and simple, just the way you say. Get me to throw my emotions when trading market. Your videos are fact and real. Who ever follows you is going to make few bucks too. I’ve invested huge amount on Starbucks token. Could you cover for me please? I’m pretty sure your classes would be very valuable asset to me. I’ll definitely consider them in the future. Best of luck and keep giving to us. You are truly loved bu everyone

  20. Steve, i started with crypto in March so i had a lot of red days, but with your help i made some profits, i consider myself as a beginner but i can trade without emotions and thats my strenght i gues.
    Thank you from belgium

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