How Big Oil Conquered the World

TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: From farm to pharmaceutical, diesel truck to dinner plate, pipeline to plastic product, it is impossible to think of an area…


  1. Oil companies are fighting Climate change science … The evidence is out there they employed the same propaganda companies that helped Tobacco companies deceive Americans. They hate the concept of Global Warming because climate change will push them OUT of business.

    The only long standing credible scientific organizations that say climate change is a Hoax has Petroleum is their name.
    Come on Corbett name one organization that agrees Climate change isn't happening and is not humans fault.

    The only country that are not in the Paris treaty is the US under Trump and Somalia.
    So are we to accept that the people who a correct about climate change are Trump and Oil companies?
    Why would any country sign on to Climate change when they know it would hurt their economies?

    Oil companies are the financial engine of the Global Elite.
    Yet there the ONLY ones that think the Global Warming is a hoax??!?!??!

    Stop confusing people Corbett … Yes the Global Elite are real … Yes they make much of their money from OIL … and yes the ELITE and oil companies are the only ones supporting Climate change denial.

    Corbett Stop clinging to your Libertarian view points and research Climate Change you dont agree with.
    You can say you dont agree with any government entity should not do anything about climate change but it is Real.

    Disinformation can pull on the public … this happens often,.
    But it can not happen on a world scale of ALL scientific organisations, it impossible.
    Thats why despite the Billions people and millions of organizations that fight evolution dont get anywhere when is comes to scientific consensus. The same is true for climate science

    AND stop with the particular scientist says blabl blabla … any individual can be bought. Long standing scientific organisations from across the world can not be bought. To think that this is possible takes a special kind of paranoia

  2. No real information is given about petrol winning over alcohol as a transport fuel. Only the statement that the alcohol producers had to add some petroleum to their alcohol. What’s some? What were the costs? I smell bullshit.

  3. Interesting link to the 2008 economic collapse – a barrel of oil reached $147. The economy could no longer support high oil prices and this was the trigger for the collapse. The US want to weaken Russia and give Putin a hard time – they make sure the oil price is low… if the oil price is high it strengthens Russia. It's not about oil – it is about control.

  4. Fast forward three hundred years and on the few places of Earth that remain above the sea, some people will be watching similar documentaries about the digital information oligarchs that took over the world using the same techniques as the oil oligarchs right in front of our naked starring eyes. Our ancestors, if they make it, will curse us bewildered at our stupidity. Gosh I started this as I joke now I'm not so sure. Fuck this planet I'm leaving.

  5. All you big oil haters can stop buying gas and everything else anytime you want….right.right,people bitch and complain about corporations they built,one i phone,one gallon and one gadget at a time,these corporations got rich selling YOU what YOU wanted and had to have.

  6. Ty, and now I get to enjoy a sorrow and gut churning nausea that only the horrible truth can produce. Maybe, if my fellow men will not stand and fight to be free, being a woman and just wanting to have fun twittling my life away isn't such a bad idea. You prove that red pilling ppl, doesn't a revolution make. Ty for your work.

  7. Wow! My grandfather who passed 1982 at age 100, a MIT granduate, Bank investment adviser, in Boston and armament box manufacer, shipped supplies during WW 11. Set up my dad to vend Standard Oil, yikes, will the dot's ever end?

  8. A question, especially to all those led here by Eddie Bravo and Joe Rogan. How many of you are young? High school, college, recent college graduates? How many of you can see the manipulation described in this video regarding the education system? Now think politically.

    Which political party runs the education system? Which political party is supported by the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and all their organizations (Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg, United Nations, etc. etc.) Which political party is pushing climate change theories still unproven. Which political party will make you a slave to their system and tells you what to believe, how to act and what you can and can't say?

    Any of you young people who watched this video and believe even a portion of it……the likely majority of you…….the politically left leaning………..need to wake up and reanalyze your belief system. It's as clear as day who the people who control society support politically and it's equally as clear where those leftist politicians will lead us in the future……wherever the whims of their masters take them.

    And just like every other country that has fallen under the elites control system known as "communism", the American version will not be spared the usual amounts of mass death, destruction and despair as well. Stop being progressive liberal slaves and vote for the ideology that promotes freedom and liberty……not conformity that leads to slavery.

  9. its so sad that corbett, while having some profound insides, falls again and again in traps which are laid out for conspiracy discoverers, like the whole shit about "there is no climate change, its a scheme from the oligarchs to…" to do what? The thing that will bring the oiligarchs on their knees is there knowledge and swindeling about the biggest fallout of their snakeoil: climate change and the destruction of the basis for our ability to live on this planet in any meaningful way! open your eyes corbett followers, you have been hoodwinked by the propoganda thinktanks of the oiligarchs! PS: of course the oiligarchs are manufacturing false consent even in science, but you can not throw baby out with the bathwater: modern medicine and pharmaceutics have much more upsides than downsides, you can promote herbs as a medicine but you cannot promote homeopathy as an ligit alternative, this is real snakeoil, there is no evidence for this shit having more effect than a placebo to cure illness! and this whole shit about the vaccination conspiracy, chemtrails, radiation conspiracy, trump draining the swamp…. flat earth … it goes on and on and on! So sad!

  10. Do not rely on the education system to inform yourself and your children. Even the most intelligent people are being used as pawns in exchange for a minuscule portion of the pie but unbeknownst to them, they are furthering an agenda that will be the bane of the common person's existence.

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