Here’s Why This Cryptocurrency PLUNGE Is NO BIG DEAL!

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  1. what i don't understand about the MT box debacle is if they are getting rid of bitcoin to reimburse the investors that lost money, why don't they reimburse the monetary value in bitcoin which would stop the market being flooded each time

  2. i say bitcoin nosedive to 3k this winter, mark my words folks. alts? most of them will disappear out of the market, i do believe 95% of all the cryptos will vanish like they never existed. This all happens this year, so we can fresh start. this is how I see where the market goes.

    there is no fundamentals in this market except bitcoin. everything else is just hype over hype, when lambo when moon, stuff like that. No use case, No product, No application, utilization.

    nobody will remember my comment on here, but only the time will tell.

  3. Tone vays just tweeted of price btc to 1.3k$. On cnbc chanel also says that he is seeing btc at abv mention level in near future.
    Is he trying to manhandle the market with his weird statements and want to buy btc cheap alongwith whales.
    wht r your views on it?

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