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  2. I do not understand why you are so much willing to have Bitcoin explosion? You are giving reasons that demand will go up but there are the same amount of reasons to drive the demand down. You are any showing one part of the coin and there must be a reason for this. Probably you are willing to sell Bitcoin inventory you have ?

  3. Who care about these shark whales….little guy beware about them …they are always trying to manipulate markets….dont cheer them……chipto is peer yo peer……and it will grow accordingly…..patience…

  4. Not sure if Goldman Sachs will be what Bitcoin needs.
    Aren't they part of the scumbaggery that went on in 2007 with the whole mortgage crisis. Sure they know how to turn gold in to rubbish and then just dump it like a rag, clean their hands and move on to their next big project.
    Just my 2 satoshis.
    Good videos, though 😉

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