Have the Bears Been Awakened? #Bitcoin Technical Analysis (10-12-18)

Learn to Trade: Have the bears simply been hibernating and are they back? What can we expect to happen next for …


  1. Content has been slower because we've been spending as much time as we can in our slack group. We have a lot of things planned for the channel in the upcoming weeks but we want to make sure we provide as much guidance as possible to those in our inner circle community. The progression has been incredible and the results the community are seeing is insane! If you're interesting in joining the slack group, click here to join the course and get access: https://learn.bitraged.com/courses/trading – Thanks for watching the video! And for all your support. We appreciate it!

  2. Hey, when you trade forex on oanda, which platform do you use (Web-Trading-Platform or Meta-Trader 4) and why ? Are there any significant differences ?

    Thanks !

  3. why not have a concrete answers. watching your video sounds like, we may go up, or we may go down. Likelihood is high we will go down. In other words regardless where we go, you can always claim you were right. I hate when folks sound like they know what they are talking, but only way they make money is from selling books or services. "Learn our Exact Strategy to Make +10-30% or More Every Single Month.." Do you know what 30% month means…that is turning 100k to $50,000,000 in less than 2 years. Grow up dude. I will be happy to make 1% a month and willing to pay you $1M a year for that.

  4. You consistently show that you understand price action and your expectations have been proving over time to be very spot on! As for the car up the hill analogy, I like it, but not sure we fully understand the correlation. Why should price behave like gravity? In that sense,, wouldn't all price eventually lead downwards? Sorry if I've missed the point here. But overall, I'm a very big follower of your channel! Thanks

  5. Since these guys started offering a trading course they’re input to this space has come across as preaching and arrogant. You guys are essentially the shills and clowns you used to call out, you don’t “know” what’s going to happen in the market and making such claims in your videos make you look like clowns. Disappointed in your direction

  6. Hey Joe… Love your TA’s – one question and not holding it against you, but I booked a limit buy at 4855 $ – is there a anu resistance around this level? Snd is it likely we will hit this price in October or November?

  7. Thanks for the market update & analysis @Bitraged. The market seeing its new low which I believe will be around 2400-3600 is extremely necessary. Allowing those who missed out on the opportunity to have a better position in BTC while giving BTC the higher volume it so desperately needs to have a sustainable bull run in the future. This can be a lengthy bear market. BTC needs time to part from the constant manipulation and actually have real money coming in while having higher volume. Strap up ladies & gents, this can be a bumpy ride down. #HodL

  8. Great vid again. Have you ever played with tradingview? My eyes/brain heavily prefer it over coinigy.
    My thoughts: 11/12 ish is still my date for closing daily under $5800. All my scribbles and lines point to this magic date! (11/20 being the latest my TA suggests it).
    I'm still waiting for sub 31 weekly rsi to buy back.

  9. Hey Joe. What you think about this Tether Issues? We have Price differences from Binance to Biststamp around 100 Dollars or more. Bitfinex has stopped USD withdrawals and so on….

  10. Hey Joe, thanks for the videos. Aren’t you looking at the uptrend where the price is sitting on now? Connecting lows from June 25th on. Don’t you think it’ll hold and that’s why we stopped there now? Cheers

  11. Thanks for the update Joe – superb analysis and explanation as always. 👍

    Actually you had given the very strong impression that BTC would very likely move up to the top of the channel that it was in (rather than break down from where it was). Well, that is the impression that I got. Still got in on the move though.

    Have a great weekend guys!



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