Hashflare Bitcoin Mining | HOW TO MAKE $200 PER DAY IN PASSIVE BITCOIN INCOME 2018

Updated Hashflare Strategy: “How to Turn $400 into $200000 Mining Bitcoin” –~– Hashflare Bitcoin Mining | HOW TO MAKE $200 PER DAY IN PASSIVE…


  1. Be very careful!!!  I invested a good bit in CCG Mining, but just realized that the drop in payout per day is ENORMOUS!!!  My payout is going down almost 2% every three days!!!!! At this rate my two year contracts will be worthless in two months, two months worthless!!  🙁

  2. So in the end you are reinvesting 100% of you HF earnings back in to mining. You would earn much more if you just reinvested everything through the year. At the end of the second year you would probably be earning 1/3 more in the same amount of time.
    I’m all in on reinvesting for two years at which point I will start reinvesting two days a week and withdrawing the last five.
    I should see a tidy pay out at this rate, even if BC is at 10000.00 a coin.

  3. Hey Jay, I am new to all this but love watching all your videos. They are all very informative and very exciting to watch. They definitely get me pumped. The one question i have is about the reinvest button on Hashflare. Do you have to hit the reinvest button everyday? and when you start pulling money out on day 190 do you pocket that or is that the profit you will put back into Hashflare when starting another contract? Thank You.

  4. Hi Jay, thanks for the great video. Can make one where you show how you withdraw money from hashflare into a debit card bank account? Also, is there restriction for funding hashflare and withdrawal from it for Canadians, as it was the case with coinbase?

  5. Don't get me wrong, I think this is a great idea, but I would calculate with a falling bitcoin price. The problem is that bitcoin is basicly one of the worst crypto currencies. It is only so popular because it was the first. Crypto currencies in general are a great idea and will continue going up but bitcoin is just getting slower and slower. Almost every other crypto currency has faster transactions and smaller fees. So while there is a lot of potential for blockchain technologies and many crypto currencies to grow in price, the only reason why bitcoin itself would continue rising is the hype. As a currency it is completely broken.

  6. Great and especially a clear video!

    I've got a question though.
    When using Hashflare, you buy a 1 year contract. If you use the reinvest option starting with 1 th and after 365 days ending with 50 th, how does it work when the contract ends? Do you get an option to continue your contract for the same price as last year, do you keep the hash rate or how does it work?

    Hope to get an answer.


  7. @Jay Crypto

    when you register with hashflare and it starts paying out, does it pay in bitcoin or in currency? because I want to link a wallet address to my hashflare, but I don't know what kind to put.

  8. This guy is using the site for two weeks and he is talking about a year out. Not to mention that his spreadsheet doesn't actually reflect what hashflare does. I would suggest not listening very closely to this guy…

  9. Absolute rubbish your figures are totally wrong, difficulty has averaged 7% per two weeks for last two years, compound difficulty over life of contract means reinvestment after about 200 days is actually loosing you money. Just scamming the poor people that don't do their research in order for you to gain referals. It is profitable but no where near what your saying. 2 to 3x max if coin price stays at least at current price or rising

  10. one little detail, you can not withdraw that $35 everyday, min is 0.05 BTC, so you have to have about $800 min, per their website "BTC withdrawals are enabled in test mode, with the minimum withdrawal amount set to 0.05 BTC. "

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