Has Bitcoin Capitulated Yet?

Viewing the comments from the video that I made talking about how I thought we were in the “anger” phase of the market cycle, there seemed to be a lot of …


  1. Maybe I am wrong but isn't it the biggest problem that Bitcoin has zero leadership? There is no visible figure, no one pushing business development, no one taking care of branding and marketing. Satoshi – whoever he is needs to choose a CEO who takes care of growth management. Litecoin is pushing marketing hard, Ripple is closing deals left and right, Bitcoin fails to gain ground.

  2. What if bitcoin ends up like the Serra Pelada incident in Brazil. Where people have high hope for something that will never bear fruit. I could be wrong but, I hope people do not solely rely on bitcoin to invest there money in.

  3. I'm hoping to see $1500 bitcoin but that's me just taking a risk. It might be that $3000 was the bottom but this market tends to dip to the prev. run's high. Following the pattern of recovery from the last crash the bottom comes in around $2500 in my estimation but things can change. I really want those cheap bitcoins lol.

  4. ETC 51% attacked now. Having significant long-term investments in any PoW coin is crazy risky. Not decentralized and not secure! Bitcoin will only truly capitulate when XRP flips it (unless it is 51% attacked before then!)

  5. Interesting comment an content, many thanks as always. LOUIS I'm interest to hear your thoughts.. What top 20 coins do you think won't stand the test of time and what mid caps do you think will take their place?

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