Has Bitcoin (BTC) Ran Out of Gas?! – Crypto Market Technical Analysis & Cryptocurrency News



  1. You stated that the bottem is not close to the market, well after a loss of 70% of ATH what would be a bottem that is not close? Sounds like you see it going down to 3~4k. As 5k bottem would technically be rather close the current price.

  2. I like you adding gravity to your words by hitting the tables with your hand… and I am saying this … not being sarcastic….. nice touch… you are very consistent in how you bring across your point… your bull trap warning has merit ..lots if it …

  3. Trading weekly instead of daily would let you use wider stops. The average weekly change is about 3x the average daily. People probably dropped out because they day traded and got stopped out regularly. It would be unavoidable if your stops were less than 2.5-5%, whatever the average up/down is for the last few weeks or months at the time. If your stops were like 1% you'd be stopped out on every light saber that went against you. Somebody out there is eating day traders up.

  4. It's looking empty on the streets, the shutters are closed, I've gotten off the street and I'm watching from the saloon because the gunfighters are about to arrive and I don't want to be caught in the crossfire. Judging by the volume, I'm not the only one.

  5. Fascinating. I like the way you stay out of Twitter gossip and just get on with it. Much respect for that.

    And I just can't disagree with your take. A lot of double-think going on in Crypto Twitter right now. And not all of it may be in our best interests. There are vested interests at play.

    The move will come in a few days. This may be a time to be conservative…

  6. So…the flags…they can be up or they can be down. But they can also be straight across.

    Ima be on the lookout for that.

    I’m fired up! (Pounds red recess dodge ball for emphasis).

  7. I am quite new to the crypto space and have enjoyed listening to your opinions, Kirby. One question –which US exchange would you recommend if I am interested in swing trading in crypto–I know it's not financial advice from you, just wanting to see your opinion. Thanks!

  8. Passing 6800 is NOT making a higher high. 6800 is a BIG resistance level. 7400 is. If we break 6800 and come back to test it and it works as support, then we're probably back in the bull market.

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