SUBSCRIBE FOR UPDATE Oke kali ini saya akan membagikan script yg sudah saya beli sebesar 0.0086 BTC dan bisa kalian nikmati secara gratis ya ganss …


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  2. Scam…. this script stole your money…
    Easiest way to "hack" bitcoin is to find a real hacker in deep web..
    but going to deep web is risky
    I have a contact of a legit hacker
    I deposited 0.05 BTC and get 4.00 BTC (USD 33000)
    My friend also worked with him several times, paypal 1000 USD= 6000 USD, and another 10.000USD
    If you're interested, reply me with your email I can give you his email
    He's working just until the end of the week, then maybe on hiatus for another 3 motnhs

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