Goldman Sachs Entangled in Global 1MDB Scandal

With the indictment of two former senior Goldman Sachs bankers, accused by U.S. prosecutors of paying bribes, stealing and laundering money from a …


  1. From the dear friends who helped bring us the 2008 global financial crisis… Why have we allowed the "too big to jail" banks to continue? Oh yeah, bribes. er… I'm SORRY! I mean lobbying.

  2. Which bank never do money laundering ? Want to talk honestly or should we live in denial? Banks that are corrupt should not exist. But too many politicians are involved worldwide. This us why they continue to be let off the hook. The world is Corrupt. But we the 99% continue to live in denial

  3. This is why Goldman Sachs is now pushing an Oil Shortage in 2020.  The banks are headed for another huge crash and they know Oil is the only thing they have left to artificially inflate to help pad the books. Trying to spark the spectators to fall into line and drive Oil up. Oil prices are already artificially high and if they cannot keep them that way – Market crash.  Goldman Sachs are nothing but liars and scammers.

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