Ghana wants to put 1% of their reserve in Bitcoin!

Ghana may be investing 1% of their reserves in BTC Peter Thiel has a bunch invested in BTC North Korea mines crypto Crypto to a trillion Quantum Computing and BTC


  1. 24:00 Because the private key and public address are linked thru a mathematical "trap door" function the nerds would wanted to ensure their quantum computer was properly tuned. They would crack Satoshi's private key for shits and giggles and submit a paper to for bragging rights.

  2. Okay, nothing against Tone, but please cut through trading and charts. I promise I Don't trade on advice anyway, Otherwise Tone is great. More discussion and less analysis, k thx bye 🙂

  3. Remember to please participate in the cryptocurrency survey. (completely anonymous)

    I really appreciate that so many of you have taken part. It is good for the crypto community to have some up-to-date data on crypto user demographics. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey, share the link perhaps to other media so that we can get at least 2000+ responses.

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  4. Hi Jimmy, Thanks for your opinions – You are one of the few to provide valuable technical insight to the community – Some questions from South Africa:
    Have you reviewed the RaiBlocks code? If so:
    1. How secure/vunerable is it, as I believe it was developed by a single developer and not yet been subjected to a formal peer review?
    2. Where are the individual block chains stored and how is this incentivised with zero fees?
    3. Could Raiblocks (or similar) be used in a Bitcoin sidechain with a 2-way BTC peg similar to RSK?

    Thanks in advance

  5. Anybody else like me notice the 'verbal quirks' that are uttered daily by both Tone & Jimmy?

    Jimmy, "Sorta…Kinda…Ya know..Achew (sneeze)" Song!

    Tone, "LaLaLaLaiiiike, LaLaLaListen, ahhhh, (stutter…interrupt…stutter)" Vays!

    Any bookie who wants to capitalise on this inevitable occurrence every live vid produced, can now start a crypto betting pool w/ an over/under odds placed on every time either Jimmy or Tone utters any of these quirks.

    To summarize, the bookie defines the parameters (rules) of the possible set of occurrences & places the over/under # on each. For example, each time Jimmy says "Sorta" or "Kinda" or "Ya know" the counter increases by 1.
    If the avg. for each is 10 then the bookie places the
    over/under @ either 9-1/2 or 10-1/2 where the betting public chooses under or over for a payout.

    Once this becomes ubiquitous & hence profitable, both Jimmy & Tone will have incentive to game the
    bets. At the very least we're controlling their speech impediments/patterns by utilising a betting mechanism c/w built in incentive controls.

    I for one, would love to see a massive decrease in these impediments as it is quite irritating to me, even though I tune in for the cutting edge info.

  6. Why not rename this show, "BTC News, Weather & Traffic"

    The host directs the news reports w/ opinions/commentary from the weather & traffic reporters.

    Once the news is disseminated as to how it affects BTC positively or negatively, the host segues to the traffic reporter (Jimmy) to review the latest memepool traffic from the previous report.

    Once the traffic is updated the host segues to the weather reporter (Tone) to review the latest price action as it is analysed on the 1 hour (current) all the way to the weekly (futurecast) charts.

    You guys have successfully cracked the legacy MSM TV news productions in a nutshell here sans commercial interruptions in a 30-35 min format. Well done!

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